Is esports really „sports“?

There is one big question in this universe: Is esports really sports? People not familiar with it call it „playing computergames only, I played Super Mario as well so was I sporty as a kid or what“, whereas esports supporters claim „playing on a high level is just as demanding and exhausting like „normal“ sports […]

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Nationalities of TI players

Numbers of all players per continent: TOTAL 283 Continent Number of Players America 34 Asia 141 Australia 6 Europe 102 Numbers of all players per country:       Number of players Country Continent 70 China Asia 26 Malaysia Asia 23 Russia Europe 18 USA America 17 Philippines Asia 17 Ukraine Europe 13 Sweden Europe […]

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Puppey vs. Envy

Since i spend quite some time thinking about this epic fight, i decided to finally write down my thoughts. No one cares about that anyways but yeah, here is what i think: 1. Puppey is not that much of a bad man 2. People should roll back their attitude if they don’t have exact knowledge […]

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