Pudge – Mask of the Mad Harvester

Sooo the wifi here is too bad to play a normal Dota match. This is why i got bored and made a Pudge mask. Since it is super easy & cheap to make, here is a small tutorial.

Oh and the wifi didn’t work after finishing the mask so i still was bored so i took MANY PICTURES THAT YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THX.

What you need:
– Plastic hockey mask (4$ on ebay)
– Paste / texture paste
– Some kitchen roll sheets
– Paint (i took Acrylic Paint)
– Brown Cardboard
– Swag


Start by cutting out a triangle at the upper right side. I painted on all the lines, but it was simply to give me an overview. Since everything will be covered with sheets you don’t need to do this.

After cutting start covering the entire mask with several layers of paste and kitchen roll sheets.


Imitate the wood plank style alittle bit by bringing out the shape with rectangular pieces, leaving some gaps.

Also add a small circle on each side, where the „screw“ will be.


Let it dry for 19259443 hours.

Then draw on all the lines with a pencil as guidance.


Paint it red.

I took acrylic paint in black, brown, red and white and mixed them.



Take some brown cardboard, cut out stripes, fold them like this and glue them on.


Paint on some details & you’re done. It takes like ~1 hour of work, it just needs to dry VERYYYY LONGGGGG but yeah.

This is Gilbert with the mask, he is usually not allowed to sit on the table but Mum wasn’t home #Anarchy






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