Puppey vs. Envy

Since i spend quite some time thinking about this epic fight, i decided to finally write down my thoughts. No one cares about that anyways but yeah, here is what i think:

1. Puppey is not that much of a bad man
2. People should roll back their attitude if they don’t have exact knowledge about what happened

Three things in advance, i neither know Puppey nor Envy personal, just talked a few sentences with Clement, so everything i’m gonna say about their personalities are just assumptions (but as a professional fangirl, of course i have qualified knowledge). I also don’t have any further information than anyone else. And lastly: I DON’T want to defend Puppey or anything, I’m just trying to understand and explain.

We all remember Envys blog post. My immediate reaction was: i was disappointed and i believed everything that Asian man said, without even further questioning it. I was mad at Puppey, disappointed by my favorite team, i had no words. I turned my back on Secret and stopped supporting them. Simply because they broke my heart and trust.

After some time passed however, i started to ask myself „since when do i blindly condemn people?“. No matter how grave things were, i ALWAYS tried to understand why a person acted in a certain way. So i did the same thing with Puppey, and realized some things.

First: I totally over-glorified him. While in reality he is just a human being with flaws and emotions and stuff, in my head he only was the Na’vi legend, best captain and drafter in the world, flawless, handsome, perfect, an idol and hero. Because i totally forgot that his normal human side existed, and not only his image in the Dota 2 world, i was way more shocked by Envys blogpost than i should have been. It’s a difference if you read sth bad about an average person or about s.o you over-hyped and oversaw the fact that he makes mistakes as well.

After i realized that he’s allowed to act wrongly as well, i looked at what Envy accused him of. And then i realized that to me, Envy always seemed to be a person who has the social skills of a stone. I doubt that Envy lies on purpose, but I’m pretty sure that some things occurred and he misinterpreted them. We all know this, something happens, 5 people witness it and then at the end of the day there are 5 different stories – not because s.o lies on purpose, but because they experienced it differently cause they focus on & interpret different things. So who says all of this happened exactly like he says? Maybe he just saw it wrongly? NO ONE know what happened, cause none of us was there.

Then there were the „facts“, the chat screenshots and the legendary funny video where Puppey acted like a 12 y.o whose mother told him they’d go to Disneyland but then it was the dentist. Of course there IS still the possibility that the chat pics are faked, but i highly doubt it. & the vid is 100% real. But i ask you: did YOU ever freak out? Did you ever throw things around? Because i did. And i’m pretty sure everybody here lost it at least once in a lifetime (dem Eminem puns). Everybody was at the point where he experienced so much pressure and stress that he exploded. & if I was in a team with RTZ i swear i would run amok or sth srsly who can take this.

Then there was the issue with the Panda TV streaming contract that Puppey did not fulfill. And i NEVER understood: why the fuck did they make this deal anyways? Puppey streams like every 10 years, so he obviously doesn’t like streaming. Of course they only made this for the money, but still, pretty stupid idea that he agreed to stream when he doesn’t like to and does not feel comfortable while it.

Next thing was the w33 fight me affair. I don’t know if it’s simply because w33 is a gentleman, or if Envy overacted a bit, but w33 immediately tweeted that it was not as grave as it seems to be. Plus yesterday he tweeted the following:

Could be because of his good manners as well, but seriously, if someone REALLY tortured you and you suffered under him, you wouldn’t give him such a shoutout in my opinion. And at the same time, w33 and Misery only confirmed the payment stuff, they did not make a comment on Puppeys personality.

Now we come to talk about the money – the main issue. Yes Team Secret did not pay their players, yes this is an asshole-behaviour, yes there is no way to excuse this. But at the same time, i don’t know their contracts and how much of this was Puppeys decision. Of course he is the leader, but there is also Kemal and Cyborgmatt and other people. This is now solely based on assumptions but for me it seems like the following: Puppey had some pretty dark times and had to kinda fight with himself. (That’s why no motivation to play pubs, lots of alcohol, aggression etc.) Since I’ve been to hell and back, and back to hell…and back (Achievement: write Lion responses in blogpost) i kind of know how much you can change, against your own will, or how you can misbehave and act like an asshole, just because…you don’t care anymore and you don’t know what else to do. So to me it seems like he struggled with himself and made a lot of mistakes to due that. Of course: this is not an excuse. But it’s an explanation. And if you’re already destroyed inside and then there is s.o with a bad influence on you (Kemal) you make even more mistakes, cause he drags you to the dark side. So Puppey became a Sith Lord.


And here again, i ask you: have you ever felt so bad, that you start to make bad decisions but you don’t care about it? Because I have. I made mistakes, I behaved like an asshole, even though I knew it was not the right thing to do. And again: there is no excuse. But an explanation.

And also: NONE of us knows anything about the deals and contracts Secret and their players made. And if you don’t have all knowledge, you’re not in the position to judge. Even though it’s a shitty move by Secret to not pay their players or to take advantage of the fact that the players don’t know how to set up a proper contract, Secret is not the only eSport team who does that. This occurred lots of times, not only in Dota, not only in eSport but everywhere, simply because humans are crackbrained assholes. When it’s about money, everybody goes nuts.

I was reading through Envys most recent tweets and now for me he completely lost his seriousness. Whining and exposing on social media is appropriate for a 10 year old, but not with such an issue. It is simply childish and for me it seems like he simply wants to bash Puppey and to show his followers „look at this meanie and give me attention & i need approval“. You.Don’t.Solve.Problems.On.Social.Media and you fking don’t carry out fights publicly. Especially not if it’s about serious stuff and contracts etc. I understand that he’s mad but this is simply not professional. If Envy is so convinced that he’s right, it should be enough to hire a lawyer who solves the problem, but not go public with it. I am pretty sure that it is not set by contracts or deals that Secret owes him money. Of course it is a moral thing, but if you made mistakes with not setting up the right contracts, they legally didn’t do much wrong – only ethically.

The most disgusting part is the community. When Secret entered the stage at Dota Pit, some retards started booing. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS, DON’T YOU HAVE MANNERS??? Yes he misbehaved, but towards some people YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW and he never did anything to YOU. So how the f d you think it is okay to hurt him? Nothing of what happened affected you. No matter what he did, he does not deserve to get booed by some 1k players who don’t know the back story, only following their Envy who they call Senpai, even though they most likely don’t even know what this means.

All in all: Secret and Puppey made mistakes that cannot be excused. But the community behaved like pigs as well. (actually pigs are really cute, dunno why i said it). Judging and hating a person, even though you don’t know the entire story and only Envys part – notlikethis. Don’t insult people just because you heard sth bad about them, that doesn’t even concern you. Rather look at your own behaviour, is it always right? You never make flaws? Work on yourself before hating on others.
I hope Envy gets payed the rest and he finds finally peace. And I especially hope, Puppey solved all the problems he had and can finally enjoy playing Dota again. The memes are still pretty funny though.


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